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Learning Experience/Unit

Cell Organelles and Their Functions by St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES

Course, Subject

Biology/Living Environment, Math, Science & Technology

Grade Levels

Intermediate, 7th Grade


The teacher will be walking around the room to visually observe the students working on the graphic organizer. The students will be assessed on their creativity and knowledge of the organelles through the creation of a graphic organizer in Inspiration. The graphic organizer and essay that they create will be graded using a rubric based on correct knowledge, organelles names and functions along with their creativity.


Learning Context/ Introduction

As part of the Middle School Science program students need to know the functions of Cell Organelles. The focus of this lesson is to enable students to correlate the functions of cell to the management of a community. The students will be using Inspiration, which is a graphic organizer computer program, to create their own model community where they will label the community parts with the corresponding organelle. They will have prior knowledge of cell organelles and their functions from the previously given notes. Students will use the graphic organizer that they have created to produce a short essay correlating organelles to the roles in a community.


Each class period is 42-minutes. All four days will use the full 42-minutes.

Essential Question

How are the functions of organelles similar to the management of a community?

Instructional/Environment Modifications

The computer lab will need to have the Inspiration program installed onto each computer. A previously completed graphic organizer from Day 1 will be accessible to Special Education students. There will be a Consultant or Resource Room Teacher in the computer lab to assist those students who need some extra help. Special Education students will also be given extended time to complete the rough draft and final copy. Student will be able to do proof reading in their ELA classroom.


  • Day 1:

Class will be conducted in the computer lab. Students will enter into the classroom folder and open up the previously created graphic organizer on cell organelles. The graphic organizer will have the word “cell” in the middle bubble. The students will follow along with the teacher to create eleven bubbles extending from the middle bubble. The teacher will then go through entering the labels of the organelles and their functions with the students entering the information into their graphic organizer. This will enable students to become comfortable with the program. At the end of class the teacher will show the students how to incorporate the clip art or pictures into the graphic organizer.

  • Day 2:

Class will be conducted in the computer lab. The class will begin with students working in partners on a short worksheet that contains the parts of a community. The students will work with a partner for 10 minutes on matching the section of the community to the organelle based on its similar function or role. Students will then create a new graphic organizer on their own that will need to contain pictures of community workers and building. Each picture will need to have the name of the organelle that has the similar function.

  • Day 3:

Class will be conducted in the classroom. Students will use their graphic organizers to help them create a rough draft of a short essay on the correlation of the roles of different parts of a community to the role/function of different organelles.

  • Day 4:

Class will be conducted in the computer lab. Students will be using the computers to type up the final draft of their short essays.

Cell Community Wkst.jpg

Reflections and Feedback

I would have an aide in the lab room to help students with questions on the Inspiration program.

Student Work

See attached samples of students work:

High Essay-a.jpg
High Essay-b.jpg
High Organizer.jpg
Medium essay.jpg
Medium Organizer.jpg
Low Essay.jpg
Low Organizer.jpg

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Inspiration Program installed on computers

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