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          • Content Specification - SS.7.5.a.1:
            Students will identify powers granted to the federal government and examine the language used to grant powers to the states.
          • Content Specification - SS.7.5.b.1:
            Students will compare and contrast the powers granted to Congress, the president, and the Supreme Court by the Constitution.
          • Content Specification - SS.7.5.b.2:
            Students will examine how checks and balances work by tracing how a bill becomes a law
          • Content Specification - SS.7.5.b.3:
            Students will identify the individual rights of citizens that are protected by the Bill of Rights.
          • Content Specification - SS.7.5.c.1:
            Students will examine the process for amending the constitution.
          • Content Specification - SS.7.5.c.2:
            Students will examine the evolution of the unwritten constitution such as Washington’s creation of the presidential cabinet and the development of political parties.
          • Content Specification - SS.7.5.c.3:
            Students will examine the changes to the New York State Constitution and how they were made during the 19th century.
          • Content Specification - SS.7.5.d.1:
            Students will examine events of the early nation including Hamilton’s economic plan, the Louisiana Purchase, the Supreme Court decision in Marbury v. Madison, and the War of 1812 in terms of testing the strength of the Constitution.
          • Content Specification - SS.7.5.d.2:
            Students will examine the Monroe Doctrine and its impact on foreign policy.
  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
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