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  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.E.PK-
              Students form and express responses to ideas through reading, listening, viewing, discussing, and writing.
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.E.PK-
              Students evaluate the quality of written or spoken texts, visual presentations, and experiences, on the basis of criteria such as attractiveness of illustrations, appeal or characters, and believability of story.
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.E.PK-
              Students recognize personal point of view in self and others discussing information.
              • May Include - ESL.E.PK-
                Features such as repetition of words or ideas, vocabulary, and visuals.
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.E.PK-
              Students speak persuasively and clearly with attention to appropriate grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.E.PK-
              Students engage in collaborative activities through a variety of student groupings to discuss and share experiences, ideas, information, and opinions.
              • May Include - ESL.E.PK-
                Strategies such as asking questions, starting over, rephrasing, and exploring alternative ways of saying things.
              • May Include - ESL.E.PK-
                Strategies such as asking questions, using prior knowledge, graphic organizers, context clues, and cognates.
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