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  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.NA.1.1.A.A:
              Students comprehend simple statements and questions in the context of the classroom and the main ideas of more extended messages and conversations.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.NA.1.1.A.B:
              Students initiate and respond to simple face-to-face conversations.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.NA.1.1.B.A:
              Students comprehend messages and short conversations when listening to Native speakers; repetition may be necessary for full understanding.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.NA.1.1.B.B:
              Students initiate and sustain conversations with some hesitation and difficulty in pronunciation in short and familiar communicative situations.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.NA.1.1.B.C:
              Students produce an extended communication through a series of short connected utterances, using repetition as needed.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.NA.1.1.B.D:
              Students comprehend the meaning of myths and legends told to them repeatedly by Native speakers.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.NA.1.1.C.A:
              Students understand speech delivered with some repetitions and rewording by competent Native speakers.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.NA.1.1.C.B:
              Students understand the essential points of discussion or presentation on familiar topics in lengthy messages and presentations.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.NA.1.1.C.C:
              Students handle most communicative situations with confidence but may need help with complicated, unfamiliar topics.
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