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            • Students will - CDOS.I.1.1.A.SW:
              1. Key elements of a career plan should include the student's documenting the following:
                1. Personal data
                2. Knowledge
                  1. Who am I?
                    1. Interests
                    2. Abilities
                    3. Areas to strengthen
                  2. Where am I going?
                  3. How do I get there?
                3. Skills/Application
                  1. Foundation skills
                    1. Knowledge
                    2. Application
                4. Culminating activity
                  1. Activity description
                  2. Self-reflection
                5. Review of student career plan
              2. Research careers within career clusters:
                1. Use a variety of sources for career research and employment information
                2. Develop strategies to explore career options
                3. Develop an awareness of high school and postsecondary options
                4. Investigate specific job descriptions
                5. Participate in job-shadowing experiences
                6. Explore entrepreneurial options and possibilities
            • Students will - CDOS.I.1.1.B.SW:
              1. Identify personal skills and abilities related to career clusters:
                1. Learn techniques to assess personal strengths and weaknesses
                2. Investigate careers that complement personal and academic strengths
                3. Learn personal skills relative to career options
                4. Develop learning/thinking skills necessary for career planning
                5. Identify characteristics of quality work
                6. Document academic and personal accomplishments (e.g., awards and recognition)
            • Students will - CDOS.I.1.1.C.SW:
              1. Understand the characteristics for successful employment:
                1. Recognize the relationship of home, school, and community experiences to a career selection
                2. Understand the value of work and its relationship to personal success
                3. Demonstrate appropriate social skills for the workplace
                4. Develop strategies for self-improvement
                5. Learn decision-making techniques
                6. Understand the relationship between personal appearance and public perception
                7. Make connections between academic abilities and successes in the workplace
              2. Identify the relationship between lifestyle choices and future career paths:
                1. Identify the career choices associated with geographic locations
                2. Explain how resources impact lifestyle choices
                3. Identify and describe various lifestyle characteristics
                4. Identify factors that can affect lifestyle choices
            • Students will - CDOS.I.1.1.D.SW:
              1. Value what they are required to learn:
                1. Identify educational requirements for various careers
                2. Understand the value and need for lifelong learning
                3. Understand the relationship between educational achievement and career success
                4. Understand the importance of successful employment to the economy and the individual
              2. Explore the differences between the 20th and 21st century workplace:
                1. Understand and explore employment trends
                2. Recognize the changing composition of the workforce
                3. Identify the changing skills and tasks relevant to various careers
            • Students will - CDOS.I.1.1.E.SW:
              1. Recognize the connection between current choices and future goals.
              2. Understand the relationship of lifestyles and career choices.
              3. Discuss strategies for overcoming career obstacles.
              4. Examine positive and negative factors that affect career choices.
              5. Reevaluate personal goals.
              6. Create an action plan to achieve personal goals.
  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
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