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  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
              • May Include - ESL.I.5-
                Sources such as picture books, myths, fables, poems, stories, plays, novels, and other fiction and nonfiction texts in authentic and modified forms, including works of American popular culture.
              • May Include - ESL.I.5-
                Strategies such as skimming, scanning, previewing, reviewing, listening selectively, listening for a specific purpose, and listening for main ideas and details.
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.I.5-
              Students identify and explain the distinguishing features of the major genres, and use those features to aid comprehension, interpretation, and discussion of literature.
              • May Include - ESL.I.5-
                Elements such as setting, character, plot, theme, point of view, repetition, characterization, imagery, foreshadowing, and climax.
              • May Include - ESL.I.5-
                Strategies such as summarizing and explaining; identifying word choice, point of view, and symbols.
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.I.5-
              Students read aloud with confidence, accuracy, and fluency.
              • May Include - ESL.I.5-
                Features such as characters, setting, plot, ideas, events, vocabulary, and text structures.
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.I.5-
              Students create stories, poems, songs, and plays, including those that reflect traditional and popular American culture, observing the conventions of the genre; create an effective voice, using a variety of writing styles appropriate to different audiences, purposes, and settings.
              • May Include - ESL.I.5-
                Groupings such as small groups, cooperative learning groups, literature circles, and process writing groups.
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.I.5-
              Students create, discuss, interpret, and respond to literary works, using appropriate and effective vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and punctuation in writing, and using appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation in speaking.
              • May Include - ESL.I.5-
                Strategies such as asking questions, starting over, rephrasing, and exploring alternative ways of saying things.
              • May Include - ESL.I.5-
                Strategies such as asking questions, using prior knowledge, graphic organizers, context clues, planning, note taking, and exploring cognates and root words.
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