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  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.1A:
            Students analyze how the values of a nation affect the guarantee of human rights and make provisions for human needs.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.1B:
            Students consider the nature and evolution of constitutional democracies.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.1C:
            Students explore the rights of citizens in other parts of the hemisphere and determine how they are similar to and different from the rights of American citizens.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.1D:
            Students analyze the sources of a nation’s values as embodied in its constitution, statutes, and important court cases.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.2A:
            Students understand how civic values reflected in the United States and New York State Constitutions have been implemented through laws and practices.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.2B:
            Students understand that the New York State Constitution, along with a number of other documents, served as a model for the development of the United States Constitution.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.2C:
            Students compare and contrast the development and evolution of the constitutions of the United States and New York State.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.2D:
            Students define federalism and describe the powers granted the national and state governments by the United States Constitution.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.2E:
            Students value the principles, ideals, and the core values of the American democratic system based upon the premises of human dignity, liberty, justice, and equality.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.2F:
            Students understand how the United States and the New York State Constitutions support majority rule but also protect the rights of the minority.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.3A:
            Students explain what citizenship means in a democratic society, how citizenship is defined in the Constitution and other laws of the land, and how the definition of citizenship has changed in the United States and New York State over time.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.3B:
            Students understand that the American legal and political systems guarantee and protect the rights of citizens and assume that citizens will hold and exercise certain civic values and fulfill certain civic responsibilities.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.3C:
            Students discuss the role of an informed citizen in today's changing world.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.3D:
            Students explain how Americans are citizens of their states and the United States.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.4A:
            Students respect the rights of others in discussions and classroom debates regardless of whether or not one agrees with their viewpoint.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.4B:
            Students explain the role civility plays in promoting effective citizenship in preserving democracy.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.I.5.4C:
            Students participate in negotiation and compromise to resolve classroom, school, and community disagreements and problems.
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