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  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.1A:
            Students analyze the development of American culture, explaining how ideas, values, beliefs, and traditions have changed over time and how they unite all Americans.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.1B:
            Students describe the evolution of American democratic values and beliefs as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the New York State Constitution, the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and other important historical documents.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.2A:
            Students discuss several schemes for periodizing the history of New York State and the United States.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.2B:
            Students develop and test hypotheses about important events, eras, or issues in New York State and United States history, setting clear and valid criteria for judging the importance and significance of these events, eras, or issues.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.2C:
            Students compare and contrast the experiences of different groups in the United States.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.2D:
            Students examine how the Constitution, United States law, and the rights of citizenship provide a major unifying factor in bringing together Americans from diverse roots and traditions.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.2E:
            Students analyze the United States involvement in foreign affairs and a willingness to engage in international politics, examining the ideas and traditions leading to these foreign policies.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.2F:
            Students compare and contrast the values exhibited and foreign policies implemented by the United States and other nations over time with those expressed in the United Nations Charter and international law.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.3A:
            Students compare and contrast the experience of different ethnic, national, and religious groups, including Native American Indians, in the United States, explaining their contributions to American society and culture.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.3B:
            Students research and analyze the major themes and developments in New York State and United States history (e.g., colonization and settlement; Revolution and New National Period; immigration; expansion and reform era; Civil War and Reconstruction; The American labor movement; Great Depression; World Wars; contemporary United States).
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.3C:
            Students prepare essays and oral reports about the important social, political, economic, scientific, technological, and cultural developments, issues, and events from New York State and United States history.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.3D:
            Students understand the interrelationships between world events and developments in New York State and the United States (e.g., causes for immigration, economic opportunities, human rights abuses, and tyranny versus freedom).
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.4A:
            Students analyze historical narratives about key events in New York State and United States history to identify the facts and evaluate the author’s perspectives.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.4B:
            Students consider different historians' analyses of the same event or development in United States history to understand how different viewpoints and/or frames of reference influence historical interpretations.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.C.1.4C:
            Students evaluate the validity and credibility of historical interpretations of important events or issues in New York State or United States history, revising these interpretations as new information is learned and other interpretations are developed.
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