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  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
          • Performance Indicator - ELA.2.L.2.A:
            Students identify elements of character, plot, and setting to understand the author's message, with assistance.
          • Performance Indicator - ELA.2.L.2.B:
            Students connect literary texts to previous life experiences to enhance understanding.
          • Performance Indicator - ELA.2.L.2.C:
            Students identify the author's use of repetition and rhyme.
          • Performance Indicator - ELA.2.L.2.D:
            Students use note taking and graphic organizers to record and organize information and ideas recalled from stories read aloud, with assistance.
          • Performance Indicator - ELA.2.L.3.A:
            Students form a personal opinion about the quality of texts read aloud, on the basis of criteria, such as characters and plot.
          • Performance Indicator - ELA.2.L.3.B:
            Students form an opinion about the message of advertisements, on the basis of the language used.
          • Performance Indicator - ELA.2.L.3.C:
            Students distinguish between fact and opinion, with assistance.
          • Performance Indicator - ELA.2.L.3.D:
            Students evaluate the speaker's style of delivery by using criteria such as volume and tone of voice.
          • Performance Indicator - ELA.2.L.4.A:
            Students respect the age, gender, social position, and culture of the speaker.
          • Performance Indicator - ELA.2.L.4.B:
            Students listen to friendly notes, cards, longer letters, and narratives read aloud to get to know the writer and/or classmates and fellow listeners.
          • Performance Indicator - ELA.2.L.4.C:
            Students listen for the tone of voice and content that signal friendly communication.
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