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  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.1A:
            Students know the meaning of key terms and concepts related to government including democracy, power, citizenship, nation-state, and justice.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.1B:
            Students explain the probable consequences of the absence of government and rules.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.1C:
            Students describe the basic purposes of government and the importance of civic life.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.1D:
            Students understand that social and political systems are based upon people's beliefs.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.1E:
            Students discuss how and why the world is divided into nations and what kinds of governments other nations have.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.2A:
            Students explain how the Constitution of New York State and the United States and the Bill of Rights are the basis for democratic values in the United States.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.2B:
            Students understand the basic civil values that are the foundation of American constitutional democracy.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.2C:
            Students know what the United States Constitution is and why it is important.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.2D:
            Students understand that the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of New York are written plans for organizing the functions of government.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.2E:
            Students understand the structure of New York State and local governments, including executive, legislative, and judicial branches.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.2F:
            Students identify their legislative and executive representatives at the local, state, and national governments.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.3A:
            Students understand that citizenship includes an awareness of the holidays, celebrations, and symbols of our nation.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.3B:
            Students examine what it means to be a good citizen in the classroom, school, home, and community.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.3C:
            Students identify and describe the rules and responsibilities students have at home, in the classroom, and at school.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.3D:
            Students examine the basic principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions of the United States and New York State.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.3E:
            Students understand that effective, informed citizenship is a duty of each citizen, demonstrated by jury service, voting, and community service.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.3F:
            Students identify basic rights that students have and those that they will acquire as they age.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.4A:
            Students show a willingness to consider other points of view before drawing conclusions or making judgments.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.4B:
            Students participate in activities that focus on a classroom, school, or community issue or problem.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.4C:
            Students suggest alternative solutions or courses of action to hypothetical or historic problems.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.4D:
            Students evaluate the consequences for each alternative solution or course of action.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.4E:
            Students prioritize the solutions based on established criteria.
          • Performance Indicator - SS.E.5.4F:
            Students propose an action plan to address the issue of how to solve the problem.
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