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  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.ML.2.1.A.A:
              Students can use some key cultural traits of the societies in which the target language is spoken.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.ML.2.1.B.A:
              Students can exhibit more comprehensive knowledge of cultural traits and patterns.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.ML.2.1.B.B:
              Students can draw comparisons between societies.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.ML.2.1.B.C:
              Students can recognize that there are important linguistic and cultural variations among groups that speak the same target language.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.ML.2.1.B.D:
              Students can understand how words, body language, rituals, and social interactions influence communication.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.ML.2.1.C.A:
              Students can demonstrate sophisticated knowledge of cultural nuances in a target language culture.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.ML.2.1.C.B:
              Students can model how spoken language, body language, and social interaction influence communication.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.ML.2.1.C.C:
              Students can use appropriate registers.
            • Performance Indicator - LOTE.ML.2.1.C.D:
              Students can write in the target language in a manner that articulates similarities and differences in cultural behaviors.
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