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  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
            • Introduction - MST4.I.LE.4.Introduction:
              The survival of a species depends on the ability of a living organism to produce offspring. Living things go through a life cycle involving both reproductive and developmental stages. Development follows an orderly sequence of events.
              • Major Understandings - MST4.I.LE.4.3a:
                Multicellular organisms exhibit complex changes in development, which begin after fertilization. The fertilized egg undergoes numerous cellular divisions that will result in a multicellular organism, with each cell having identical genetic information.
              • Major Understandings - MST4.I.LE.4.3b:
                In humans, the fertilized egg grows into tissue which develops into organs and organ systems before birth.
              • Major Understandings - MST4.I.LE.4.3c:
                Various body structures and functions change as an organism goes through its life cycle.
              • Major Understandings - MST4.I.LE.4.3d:
                Patterns of development vary among animals. In some species the young resemble the adult, while in others they do not. Some insects and amphibians undergo metamorphosis as they mature.
              • Major Understandings - MST4.I.LE.4.3e:
                Patterns of development vary among plants. In seed-bearing plants, seeds contain stored food for early development. Their later development into adulthood is characterized by varying patterns of growth from species to species.
              • Major Understandings - MST4.I.LE.4.3f:
                As an individual organism ages, various body structures and functions change.
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