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          • Content Specification - SS.4.7.a.1:
            Students will trace the arrival of various immigrant groups to New York State in the mid-1800s, 1890s, 1920s, mid-1900s, 1990s, and today, examining why they came and where they settled, noting the role of the Irish potato famine.
          • Content Specification - SS.4.7.a.2:
            Students will explore the experiences of immigrants being processed at Ellis Island and what challenges immigrants faced.
          • Content Specification - SS.4.7.a.3:
            Students will investigate factory conditions experienced by immigrants by examining sweatshops, the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, the use child labor, and the formation of labor unions.
          • Content Specification - SS.4.7.a.4:
            Students will investigate the requirements for becoming a United States citizen.
          • Content Specification - SS.4.7.a.5:
            Students will research an immigrant group in their local community or nearest city in terms of where that group settled, what types of jobs they held, and what services were available to them such as ethnic social clubs and fraternal support organizations.
          • Content Specification - SS.4.7.b.1:
            Students will investigate the reasons African Americans moved into northern cities.
          • Content Specification - SS.4.7.b.2:
            Students will investigate artists, writers, and musicians associated with the Harlem Renaissance.
  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
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