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          • Content Specification - SS.6.5.a.1:
            Students will locate the classical civilizations on a map and identify geographic factors that influenced the extent of their boundaries, locate their cities on a map, and identify their political structures.
          • Content Specification - SS.6.5.a.2:
            Students will compare and contrast the similarities and differences of the Chinese (Qin, Han) and Greco-Roman classical civilizations by examining religion, job specialization, cities, government, language/record keeping system, technology, and social hierarchy.
          • Content Specification - SS.6.5.b.1:
            Students will examine the similarities and differences in the political systems of Chinese (Qin, Han) and Greco-Roman (Athens, Sparta, Roman Republic, Roman Empire) classical civilizations.
          • Content Specification - SS.6.5.c.1:
            Students will examine evidence related to the Qin, Han, and Greco-Roman (Athens and Roman Empire) civilizations and determine if these civilizations have experienced a golden age.
          • Content Specification - SS.6.5.c.2:
            Students will examine how cultural achievements of these civilizations have influenced contemporary societies.
  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
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