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          • Social Studies Practice Detail - SS.SSP.6.1.1:
            Develop and frame questions about topics related to historical events occurring in the Eastern Hemisphere that can be answered by gathering, using, and interpreting evidence.
          • Social Studies Practice Detail - SS.SSP.6.1.2:
            Identify, effectively select, and analyze different forms of evidence used to make meaning in social studies (including primary and secondary sources such as art and photographs, artifacts, oral histories, maps, and graphs).
          • Social Studies Practice Detail - SS.SSP.6.1.3:
            Identify evidence and explain content, authorship, point of view, purpose, and format; identify bias; explain the role of bias and potential audience.
          • Social Studies Practice Detail - SS.SSP.6.1.4:
            Describe the arguments of others.
          • Social Studies Practice Detail - SS.SSP.6.1.5:
            Identify implicit ideas and draw inferences with support.
          • Social Studies Practice Detail - SS.SSP.6.1.6:
            Recognize arguments on specific social studies topics and identify evidence to support the arguments. Examine arguments related to a specific social studies topic from multiple perspectives.
  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
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