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          • Social Studies Practice Detail - SS.SSP.7.1.1:
            Define and frame questions about the United States that can be answered by gathering, using, and interpreting evidence.
          • Social Studies Practice Detail - SS.SSP.7.1.2:
            Identify, select, and evaluate evidence about events from diverse sources (including written documents, works of art, photographs, charts and graphs, artifacts, oral traditions, and other primary and secondary sources).
          • Social Studies Practice Detail - SS.SSP.7.1.3:
            Analyze evidence in terms of historical context, content, authorship, point of view, purpose, and format; identify bias; explain the role of bias and audience in presenting arguments or evidence.
          • Social Studies Practice Detail - SS.SSP.7.1.4:
            Describe and analyze arguments of others with supports.
          • Social Studies Practice Detail - SS.SSP.7.1.5:
            Make inferences and draw general conclusions from evidence.
          • Social Studies Practice Detail - SS.SSP.7.1.6:
            Recognize an argument and identify supporting evidence related to a specific social studies topic. Examine arguments related to a specific social studies topic from multiple perspectives. Recognize that the perspective of the argument’s author shapes the selection of evidence used to support it.
  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
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