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  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
            • Introduction - MST4.E.LE.6.Introduction:

              Plants and animals interact in a number of ways that affect their survival. The survival of plants and animals varies, in response to their particular environment. As the physical environment changes over time, plants and animals change.

              Younger students should focus on simple, observable associations of organisms with their environments. Their studies of interactions among organisms within an environment should start with relationships they can directly observe.

              Note: Although the concept of plants making their own food may be difficult for elementary students to grasp, they should understand that the Sun is the ultimate source of energy for life and physical cycles on Earth.

              • Major Understandings - MST4.E.LE.6.1a:
                Green plants are producers because they provide the basic food supply for themselves and animals.
              • Major Understandings - MST4.E.LE.6.1b:
                All animals depend on plants. Some animals (predators) eat other animals (prey).
              • Major Understandings - MST4.E.LE.6.1c:
                Animals that eat plants for food may in turn become food for other animals. This sequence is called a food chain.
              • Major Understandings - MST4.E.LE.6.1d:
                Decomposers are living things that play a vital role in recycling nutrients.
              • Major Understandings - MST4.E.LE.6.1e:
                An organism’s pattern of behavior is related to the nature of that organism’s environment, including the kinds and numbers of other organisms present, the availability of food and other resources, and the physical characteristics of the environment.
              • Major Understandings - MST4.E.LE.6.1f:
                When the environment changes, some plants and animals survive and reproduce, and others die or move to new locations.
              • Major Understandings - MST4.E.LE.6.2a:
                Plants manufacture food by utilizing air, water, and energy from the Sun.
              • Major Understandings - MST4.E.LE.6.2b:
                The Sun’s energy is transferred on Earth from plants to animals through the food chain.
              • Major Understandings - MST4.E.LE.6.2c:
                Heat energy from the Sun powers the water cycle (see Physical Science Key Idea 2).
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