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Students will

  1. Key elements of a career plan should include the student’s documenting the following:
    1. Personal data
    2. Knowledge
      1. Who am I?
        1. Interests
        2. Abilities
        3. Areas to strengthen
      2. Where am I going?
      3. How do I get there?
    3. Skills/Application
      1. Foundation skills
        1. Knowledge
        2. Application
    4. Culminating activity
      1. Activity description
      2. Self-reflection
    5. Review of student career plan
  2. Demonstrate awareness of career options in the community:
    1. Explore work and careers in the community
    2. Define career-related terminology (e.g., cluster, career, employment, workforce, etc.)
    3. Identify career clusters in occupations within the community
  3. Demonstrate planning and goal-setting techniques:
    1. Identify personal qualities and academic skills relevant to specific careers
    2. Identify short- and long-term goals and set priorities
    3. Create an action plan to achieve long-term goals

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