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Students will

  1. Understand and demonstrate skills for success in a multinational business world:
    1. Personal qualities related to employability
    2. Team member skills needed to accomplish a task
    3. Interpersonal skills for working with and for others
      1. Give/receive constructive criticism
      2. Effective time management
  2. Understand leadership abilities and skills:
    1. Styles
    2. Traits of leaders (e.g., ability to motivate, delegate)
    3. Skills (e.g., plan, organize)
  3. Function effectively as members of a work group/team by:
    1. Demonstrating sensitivity (e.g., cultural diversity)
    2. Applying principles of group dynamics and participation in team activities
    3. Communicating
      1. Listening skills
      2. Appropriate response
      3. Feedback
    4. Understanding the chain of command/purpose of authority
    5. Understanding corporate culture

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