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Math- 7 Core Pacing Guide I

The Number Systems

Expressions and Equations

Ratios and Proportional Relationships


Probability and Statistics

Rational Numbers

Expressions vs. Equations

Order of Operations

Coordinate, Cartesian Plane




Order of Operations (Without sign numbers)

Absolute Value


Problem Solving

Exploring the Number line 

Subsets of Real number system 

Begin unit on Integers

Modeling Operations with integers

Operations with Integers

Solving simple equations with integers

Substitution property to evaluate expressions containing integers

Exponents with sign numbers

Opposite (additive inverses)


Ordered pairs/relations

Demonstrating operations on number line

representing real world situations with integer expressions

Ordering and comparing integers

Graphing in four quadrants


Defining rational numbers and irrational numbers

Exploring rational numbers placement on the number line

Ordering rational numbers

Writing rational numbers as decimal equivalents

Fluency (Fraction equivalents)

Writing mixed numbers in decimal form

Writing decimal values as fractional equivalents

Multiplying Rational numbers

Dividing Rational numbers

Adding and subtracting sign numbers

Order of operations with absolute value and sign rational numbers


Modeling algebraic expressions - tiles

Algebraic Expressions

Distributive property with negative and rational factors

Factoring using Greatest Common Factor

Simplifying algebraic expressions

Geometric Applications of algebraic expressions

Adding linear expression (groups)

Subtracting linear expressions (groups)

Solving equations with rational coefficients

Solving equations with variables on both sides

Solving equations with linear equations on both sides

Geometric Applications of linear expressions (groups)

Writing equations

Translating solving and checking multi-step equations





Determining the solution set of an inequality

Solving one step inequalities (additive inverse)

Writing inequalities

Solving inequalities with (multiplicative inverse)

Solving multi-step equations and inequalities (higher difficulty)

Checking equations and inequalities

Geometric applications of equations and inequalities

Ratios and Rates

Define ratios

Write and read ratios

Finding unit rate

Using unit rate to solve real life problems

Complex fractions and Unit Rates




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