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Math-8 Core Pacing Guide II

The Number System

Expressions and Equaitons


Probability and Statistics


Squares and Square Roots

Square Root

Principal Square Root

Perfect Squares

Estimating Square Roots

Ordering Square Roots

Rational and Irrational Roots

Expressions wlith Square Roots

Real and Imaginary Roots

Graphing Irrational Numbers

 Triangles and Pythagorean theorem

Review of angle classifications

Supplements-linear pairs


Angles formed by parallel lines cut by a transversal

Angles of a triangle- interior and exterior

Polygons and their angles-interior and exterior

Pythagorean theorem

Determining if a triangle is a right triangle using Pythagorean theorem

Using Pythagorean theorem for indirect measure

Use the Pythagorean theorem to find distance on the coordinate plane (derive distance formula)






Congruence and congruent figures

Finding missing sides of congruent figures

Translating two dimensional figures

Reflecting two dimensional figures-over the x-axis

Reflecting two dimensional figures-over the y-axis

Reflecting two dimensional figures through the origin

Rotations of two dimensional figures, (CW and CCW)

Compositions of transformations


Similar triangles and their corresponding angles and sides

Using proportions to determine measures of sides

Using markings to determine congruent angles in similar polygons

Similar polygons and their corresponding sides and angles

Graphing similar polygons and explore parallelism of corresponding sides

Area and perimeter in similar figures

Finding missing values in perimeter and area problems in similar polygons



Bivariate Statistics

Scatter plots- reading and building

Positive, negative or no association

Determining line of best fit -clustering

Use line of best fit to solve problems (extrapolate, interpolate)

Relative frequency in two way tables

Construct and interpret two way tables

Determine relative frequencies calculated for rows and columns to describe possible associations

Review of circles area of sectors

Cubed Roots

Equations with cubed roots

Volume of cones, cylinder sphere (Know formulas and how to use in real life situation)

Volume of composite figures

Pythagorean theorem, it's converse and proof

Pythagorean theorem applications in two dimensions

Pythagorean theorem problems in  three dimensional figures


Nets of solids

Volume concept

Volume of prisms (review)

Volume of pyramids

Volume of cylinder, sphere and cone

Volume of composite figures

Nets of cones and cylinders

Surface area of cones and cylinders

Changes in dimension with similar figures

Irrational numbers

Use rational approximations for irrational number to compare the size of the irrational number

Locate the approximate place on a number line

Solve equations with cubed and square root variables, simplify roots

Vocabulary Project


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