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Math- Algebra 1 Core Pacing Guide I

Elements of Algebra

Functionality of Graphing Calculator

Graphing and Writing Linear Equations

Inequalities, Absolute Value, Piecewise and Step Functions

Operations with Polynomials



Expressions and Equations

Order of operations

Writing and Translating Algebraic Expressions

Translating and Writing Formulas

Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

Algebraic properties

Exponents Roots

Scientific Notation, Significant Digits, Precision and Accuracy


Solving Equations

Solving Equations

Multi-Step Equations

Variables on Both Sides

Absolute Value Equations

All (infinite) and No Solution Equations

Consecutive Integer


Geometric Applications

Solving Using LCM

Literal Equations

Modeling with Linear Equations

Rates, Ratios and Proportions

Proportional and non Proportional lines

Direct Variation

Linear Equations

Graphing Line Parallel to an Axis

Slope of a line

Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular lines


Writing Equations of Lines

Graphing and Writing Linear Equations using Slope-Intercept form and point slope form

Writing lines in Standard form

Converting Standard form to Slope-intercept form and point slope form (visa versa)

Real life problems Involving Linear Equations




Solving Systems of Linear Equations





Linear Inequalities

Solving Simple Algebraic Inequalities and graph on number line

Modeling with inequalities

Writing linear inequalities from verbal description

Solving Inequalities using addition and subtraction

Solving Inequalities using multiplication and division

Solving Multi-step inequalities

Graphing Linear inequalities with two variables 

Solving Geometric problems using inequalities

Solving Systems of Inequalities


Algebra of Functions

Define functions

Function tables and notation

Domain and Range of Function

Discrete and Continuous Domain

Linear Patterns

Special Functions

Comparing linear and non-linear functions

Absolute Value Inequalities and graphing on Number Line

Graphing Absolute Value Functions

Key Features

Transformations of graph

Graph Step Function

Key Features

Transformations of Step Function

Greatest Integer Functions

Piecewise Functions

Write the domain and range of piecewise functions

Use piecewise graphs to determine  domain and range of piecewise functions



Operations with Polynomials

Adding and subtracting polynomials

Multiplying a monomial by a monomial

Multiplying a polynomial by a monomial

Multiplying a polynomial by a polynomial

Special products of binomials

Dividing polynomials (mono by mono, poly by mono)

Applications of polynomials


Factoring Polynomials

Factoring Greatest Common Factor

Factoring the difference of two perfect squares

Factoring trinomials

With lead coefficent of one

With lead coefficients other than one

Factoring Special Products

Perfect Square Trinomials

Product of the sum and differene

Factoring Completely

Factoring by grouping


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