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Science TCSD Pacing Guide Science-Grade 8 September

Grade 8 General Science

Scientific Method and Graphing

  Obseration and Inference

  Scientific Method




General Science Skills

  Mathematical Skills

  Measuring with Metric Ruler

  Determing Volume

  Measuring with Triple Beam Balance

  Determining Density

  Measuring with a Microscope

  Measuring and Graphing Motion

  Classification of Organisms


Chemistry of Matter

What are Atoms?

What are Elements?

What is the Periodic Table?

Phases of Matter

Changes in phases of matter

What is Density?

Difference between Physical and Chemical changes

Chemistry of Matter

What are Chemical Reactions?

Endothermic and Exothermic

The 4 Basic Tyes of Chemical Reactions



Ecological Systems


Relationships Among Organisms

Producers, Consumers and Decomposers

Energy Flow and Order of Consumers

Forms of Competition, Symbiosis and Predation

Energy Flow in the Ecosystem

Cycles:  Water Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle, Oxygen and Carbon Cycles

Changes in Ecosystems

Ecological Succession

Human Effects on Ecosystems

Environmental Conservation





Cells to Organ Systems


Types of Nutrients

Organic vs Inorganic compounds


Fats and Oils



Nucleic Acids

Other Types of Nutrients

Vitamins, Minerals, Water

Human Physiology


Organs and Organ Systems

Disease and Virus


Diversity of Life

What are differences between microorganisms and macroorganisms?

Seeds of Life

  What are parts of seed?

  How do seeds become organisms?

How plants breathe: observing transpiration.

How do plants reproduce?

How animals differ from other living things.



What is Heredity?

What are Traits?

Keeping Track of Traits Using Pedigrees

Dominant and Recessive Traits

Phenotype vs Genotype

Probability of Inheritance

Mendelian Genetics

What are Genes?

Where do Genes Come From?

Predicting Inheritance

Punnett Squares

What is Incomplete Dominance? 

Human Inheritance

What is DNA?


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