Last updated: 6/21/2016

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Science TCSD Pacing Guide-Grade 7 September

General Science

Scientific Method, Measurement and Graphing

Observation and Inference

Scientific Method

Steps of Scientific Method

Independent vs Dependent variables

Metric Measurement



Cell Theory

How do materials move into and out of the cell

  Diffusion, Osmosis and Active Transport



Cell Division, Reproduction and Development 

How do cells grow?

What is reproduction?

How does fertilization work?

  Function of gonads and gamets.

Why is reproduction necessary?

Forms of Reproduction: Asexual vs Sexual Reproduction.

Development, Metamorphosis and Life Cycles.

Reproduction in Plants:

  Parts of the Plant; Parts of Flower;

  Pollination and other methods of plant reproduction.

Work, Force and Motion

Forms of Energy

What is Work?

  Distance vs Displacement

What is Motion?

Acceleration vs Velocity

What is a force?

Measuring and calculating work and force.

Balanced and Unbalanced forces

What is inertia?

Mass vs Inertia

Newton's Laws of Motion

Newton's First Law

Newton's Second Law

Newton's Third law

What is pressure?



Simple Machines

What are simple machines?

Why use simple Machines?

Types of simple machines:


  Inclined plane


    Types of levers



  Wheel and axle

What are compound machines?



Density and Bouyancy

What is Bouyancy?

Archimedes Principle

Principles of Displacement

Measuring Displacement

What is Density?

Measuring Mass

Measuring Volume of Regular Shaped Objects

Measuring Volume of Irregular Shaped Objects

Calculating Density

Density and Bouyancy

Effects of Temperature on Density


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