Last updated: 6/22/2016

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Science TCSD Pacing Guide-Grade 6 February

Grade 6 Science

Energy (Magnetism, Sound, Light)

Forms of Energy

Energy Transformations

Kinetic and Potential Energy

Gravitational Potential Energy

Mechanical Energy

Sound Energy

Chemical Energy

Thermal Energy

Electromagnetic Energy




Nuclear Energy

Energy Transfers and Conservation of Energy



Chemical Energy, Mixtures and Solutions

What is Chemistry?

Law of Conservation of Mass

Properties of Matter

  Physical Properties and Physical Changes

  Chemical Properties and Chemical Changes

What is an Element?

Combining Elements

  What are Mixtures?

  What are Solutions?

    What is pH?

    Acids and Bases

  What are Compounds?

What are Chemical Reactions?

  Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions

  Types of Chemical Reactions




Characteristics of Life 

Characteristics of Living Things

Needs of Living Things

Classification of Living Things

Using Dichotomous Keys

Redi's Experiment 

Observing and Comparing Living Things


Microscope Use

Parts of the Microscope

Microscope Magnification

Makiing Microscope Slides

Microscope Field of View

Microscope Focal Plane

Observing Specimens with Microscopes

Comparing Plant and Animal Cells 


Ecology and Ecosystems

What is Ecology?

What is the Environment?

Biotic vs Abiotic Factors

What is an Ecosystem?

What is a Community?

What is a Population?

Limiting Factors of Populations

What is a Habitat?

Energy Roles in the Environment

Producers and Consumers

What are Orders of Consumers?

Distinguishing Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores, and Scavengers

The Role of Decomposers

Characteristics of Food Chains and Food Webs

Organisms and their Niche


Ecological Interactions

How Living Things Interact

Competition as Interaction

Predation as Interaction

Types of Symbiotic Relationships

Cycles in Nature

What is Rhythm?

Daily, Lunar and Annual Rhythms

Migration, Hibernation and Estivation

Nature of Biological Clocks

Cycles of Matter

Functions of the Carbon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen Cycles

Understanding Wildlife Conservation

Endangerment and Extinction of Species

Threats to Wildlife and their Effects:

Intentional and Accidental Killing

Deforestation and Desertification

Wetland destruction

Forms of Pollution

Effects of Exotic Species


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