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1st Grade Technology

Microsoft Word

1-4 Weeks based on project(s)

  1. What is Microsoft Word mainly used for?
  2. Identify the key components of Microsoft Word in relation to the Office Suite.
  1. What do we mainly use Microsoft Word for?
  2. What and where is the title bar located?
  3. What and where is the ribbon located?
  4. What are tabs?
  5. How do you open/create a document? Give at least 2 ways.
  6. Where does text/images go when you open a Word document?
  7. What is page orientation mean?
  8. What is the default page orientation?
  9. What allows for some flexibility within Microsoft Word in where items can be placed on a page?


File Tab:

  • Create a new blank document
  • Create a new template document
  • Open a saved document from: Network or OneDrive locations
  • Save a documnet to: Network or OneDrive locations
  • Print a document

Home Tab:

  • Change the font
  • Change the font size
  • Change the font color
  • Change the font weight
  • Add italics
  • Add an Underline
  • Change the text alignment

Insert Tab:

  • Insert Oneline Picture

Design Tab:

  • Insert a page boarder

Page Layout Tab:

  • Change the page orientation (Portrait or Landscape)

Document Pane:

  • Zooming




  1. Title Bar
  2. Save
  3. Save As
  4. Open
  5. New Document
  6. Print
  7. Ribbon
  8. Tab
  9. Insert
  10. Space
  11. Backspace
  12. Enter
  13. Homerow
  14. Font
  15. Font Size
  16. Font Color
  17. Font Weight
  18. Text Decoration
  19. Text Alignment
  20. Cut
  21. Copy
  22. Paste
  23. Picture
  24. Online Picture
  25. WordArt
  26. Text Box
  27. Page Boarder
  28. Orientation (Portrait/Landscape)




  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Star Spangled Banner
  3. New York Fact Sheet
  4. 13 Colonies




Computer Software

2-3 Weeks

  1. Operating system basics.
  2. Navigation through the operating system & components.
  3. Navigation through the operating system programs and features.
  1. What is an operating system?
  2. What operating system do we utilize?
  3. What is a start menu used for?
  4. What is a shortcut? What is a tile? How are they alike? How are they different?
  5. What is an icon?
  6. What is the desktop? Taskbar? Explorer? How do they work together?
  1. How do you turn the computer on?
  2. How do you "wake up" the computer?
  3. How do you shutdown the operating system?
  4. What is the Start Menu? What is the Start Screen? What are the differences?
  5. What is a tile? Where is it located?
  6. What is a shortcut? Where is it located?
  7. What is the difference between a shortcut and a tile?
  8. What is the taskar?
  9. What is the quicklaunch tookbar?
  10. What is the notification area?
  11. What is file Explorer? What is the difference from Internet Explorer?
  12. Where do we save files?
  1. Operating System
  2. Windows
  3. Start Menu
  4. Start Screen
  5. Restart
  6. Turn Off
  7. Sleep
  8. Log on
  9. Log off
  10. Tile
  11. Shortcut
  12. Icon
  13. Desktop
  14. Background
  15. Taskbar
  16. QuickLaunch
  17. Notification Area
  18. Program
  19. Explorer
  20. Web Browswer
  21. My Computer
  22. My Documents
  23. My Pictures
  24. My Videos
  25. My Music
  26. Network Drive
  27. App
  28. Application
  29. Document
  30. Microsoft Office
  31. Printer



There are no projects. These elements are utilized during the course of the year and following years.


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