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Science Grade 8ES Environmental Awareness

Science Grade 8ES Environmental Awareness

1-2 weeks

Man's actions have a profound effect on the environment.

How does human activity effect the environment?

How can the impact of human activity on the environment be reduced?

(1) MST1 Students will use mathematical analysis, scientific inquiry, and engineering design, as appropriate, to pose questions, seek answers, and develop solutions.
(1) MST2 Students will access, generate, process, and transfer information using appropriate technologies.
(1) MST4 Students will understand and apply scientific concepts, principles, and theories pertaining to the physical setting and living environment and recognize the historical development of ideas in science.
(1) MST6 Students will understand the relationships and common themes that connect mathematics, science, and technology and apply the themes to these and other areas of learning.
(1) MST7 Students will apply the knowledge and thinking skills of mathematics, science, and technology to address real-life problems and make informed decisions.

Analyzing short term effects, and predicting long term effects, of human activity on the environment.

Global warming


Acid rain (acid precipitation)


Air pollution





Hazardous wastes


Sanitary landfills

Solid wastes

Thermal pollution

Water pollution


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