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Poe's Vocabulary in "The Bells"


English Language Arts (2005)

Grade Levels

Intermediate, Commencement, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade


Students will apply the correct definition of the vocabulary word utilized in Poe's poetry to further enhance comprehension.


20 minutes or less

Essential Question

How can words be understood from context?


Language and Vocabulary In Poe’s poem ‘The Bells’

Use a dictionary to look up the CAPITALIZED words and write a definition. The words are given in the poem's format so students should try to understand the meaning of the word by applying it in context.

  1. Hear the SLEDGES with the bells
  2. In a sort of RUNIC rhyme
  3. the MOLTEN-golden notes
  4. a DITTY floats
  5. a gush of EUPHONY
  6. BRAZEN bells
  7. they scream out their AFFRIGHT
  8. in a mad EXPOSTULATION
  9. a RESOLUTE endeavor
  10. on the BOSOM of the PALPITATING air
  11. solemn thought their MONODY compels
  12. the MELANCHOLY meaning of the tone
  13. they are GHOULS
  14. a PAEAN from the bells
  15. Keeping time as he KNELLS

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