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World Travels


English Language Arts (NYS P-12 Common Core), Science (NYS P-12)

Grade Levels

6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade


  • Established rubrics are used to evaluate brochures and posters.
  • Teacher evaluates presentations.
  • Teacher observes group participation.


Lynn Kelley, Adirondack School-to-Work Partnership



  • Students will learn about the major world biomes.

  • Students will develop travel brochures to countries within the biomes.

  • Students will gain an awareness of careers associated with travel.

A study of world biomes and the expertise of a travel agency combine to take students on a trip through the world's regions. Students research and create travel brochures for each biome. Careers in the travel and tourism industries are highlighted. Students become world travelers without leaving their own geographic region!

  • Students study the world biomes—polar, rain forest, desert, and woodland—in their regular social studies classes.

  • Students work in groups and select one biome to research, finding information about countries in that biome, climate, geographic highlights, etc.

  • Students visit a local travel agency to obtain additional information about selected countries in the biomes.

  • Travel agent explains the steps involved in traveling and discusses the careers involved—travel agent, government agency (passport, visa), transportation, and lodging.

  • Students examine several travel brochures and establish a rubric for a good brochure.

  • Each group creates a travel brochure and a travel poster for their selected area.

  • Students will present their brochures, posters, and research at a learning fair.

  • Brochures and posters are displayed in the classroom or library as part of travel display.


  • Transportation to travel agency
  • Computers with Internet access
  • Reference books
  • Travel brochures


Kelley, Lynn. “World Travels.” In Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Resource Guide with Core Curriculum. New York State Department of Education, 62.

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