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Take Your Child to Work Day


English Language Arts (NYS P-12 Common Core)

Grade Levels

Elementary, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade


  • Teacher uses ELA rubric to evaluate thank-you notes.
  • Teacher evaluates class presentations and discussions.


Connie Czerwinski, South Colonie Central School District


3 days


Students will participate in the national “Take Your Child to Work Day.”

“Take Your Child to Work Day” (TYCWD) describes a structure for learning before, during, and after the job-shadowing day held on the fourth Thursday in April.

  • Teacher identifies the students taking part in TYCWD approximately one to two weeks before the date.
  • Teacher invites these students to a pre-TYCWD meeting. At this meeting, students complete a life skills inventory sheet.
  • Teacher shows a video about workplace skills and behavior. Students list skills used in video excerpts and/or role-play, showing workplace scenarios.
  • On the day of the shadowing, students observe skills being used on the job and list them on the graphic organizer form. Students schedule and conduct an interview at the work site and take notes.
  • Teacher holds a post-TYCWD meeting. In small groups or in pairs, students discuss their job-shadowing experience before whole group sharing.
  • Students write thank-you notes, using the thank-you note graphic organizer.


Assessment/evaluation forms


Czerwinski, Connie. “Take Your Child to Work Day.” In Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Resource Guide with Core Curriculum. New York State Department of Education, 64.

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