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Classroom Idea: Graphing Favorite Books


Math, Science & Technology

Grade Levels

Elementary, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade


This "classroom idea" is provided to illustrate examples of each performance indicator. Teachers should feel free to use it or adapt it if they so desire. Some of the ideas exemplify more than one performance indicator and/or incorporate topics in science and technology. In those instances, the appropriate performance indicators will be identified.


Mathematics Resource Guide with Core Curriculum Writing Team


Let students bring their favorite books to class and show them to each other. Have them discuss ways in which the books are similar or different. Have them choose one category of difference and sort the books on those categories. The books can be put on a large floor grid and the teacher can then ask questions about the number of books in each category.


Mathematics Resource Guide with Core Curriculum Writing Team. “Classroom Ideas.” Mathematics Resource Guide with Core Curriculum, New York State Department of Education, 38.

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