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Lesson Plan

Writing Example Paragraphs by ECSDM


English Language Arts (2005), English Language Arts (NYS P-12 Common Core)

Grade Levels

Intermediate, 6th Grade


Students will write a basic example paragraph, using examples for supporting ideas.


This lesson will teach students to write example paragraphs. The term "example paragraph" refers to a paragraph where the supporting sentences provide examples of the subject/idea described in the topic sentence.


40 minutes

Materials/Web Resources

SMART Board (projector and white/black board if SMART Board is not available), copies of (sample) example paragraphs, paper, pens/pencils, different colored highlighters


(If SMART Board is not available, have the students interact with the projected image on the white/black board)

  1. The teacher will display an example paragraph on the SMART Board and distribute copies of the example paragraph to the students.
  2. As a class, the students will read the example paragraph.
  3. Next, the teacher will choose volunteers to come up to the SMART Board to identify the types of sentences found in a paragraph as review. Students will use a SMART Board pen to highlight the topic sentence, the supporting sentences, and the concluding sentence in different colors. Students at their desks will use different colored highlighters to highlight the sentences on their paper. (Topic Sentence will be highlighted in green, supporting sentences will be highlighted in yellow, and the concluding sentence will be highlighted in red).
  4. Then students will discuss the supporting sentences (highlighted in yellow), which describe different examples. Students will be asked to list the four (4) examples discussed in the paragraph at the bottom of their paper (to ensure that they understand and can identify the examples within the paragraph).
  5. Next, students will choose one (1) of four topics to write an example paragraph about. They will be instructed to make a list of examples for their topic, and then begin writing the example paragraph (including a topic sentence, four supporting sentences [examples], and a concluding sentence).
  6. After completing the example paragraphs, 3 to 5 student volunteers will read their paragraphs aloud and share them with their classmates.


Example Paragraphs must include:

1. One (1) topic sentence that introduces the topic.
2. Four (4) supporting sentences that describe different examples (of the topic).
3. One (1) concluding sentence that ties it all together.

Support Materials

Use for steps 1-4
Sample Example Paragraph (to be displayed on SMART Board and copies are to be distributed to students)

There is always plenty to do on the beach. You can build sand castles. You can dig a hole and watch it fill up with water. You can try to catch little crabs. You can look for seashells and sand dollars. You never have to be bored at the beach.

Use for steps 5-6
Example Paragraph Topics - Choose one of the following topics to write an example paragraph about.

1. Family Pets
2. Useful Inventions
3. How I Earn Money
4. Places to Visit


This instructional content was intended for use with a SMART Board, but can be used with an overhead projector or a whiteboard. For step two, students can underline the different types of sentences with different colored dry erase markers.


Kara Jefferson, Enlarged City School District of Middletown

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