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Weather Forecasting


Math, Science & Technology

Grade Levels

Intermediate, Commencement, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade




How are weather forecasts and weather maps prepared?

Predicting the weather has challenged people for thousands of years. Early civilizations attributed control of weather conditions such as wind, rain, and thunder to the gods. Recently, scientific weather forecasting has become possible and increasingly accurate through the use of various instruments and technologies.

In this lesson we will have an opportunity to view weather related videos, weather websites and map symbols, as well as have a chance to practice forecasting ourselves. Let's see if we can predict the weather better than the pro's!

Meteorologists prepare weather maps with information and observations from various weather reporting centers. Before a weather map is prepared, the information from the centers must be translated into internationally recognized weather symbols. To read a weather map, you must be familiar with the various weather map symbols . The weather symbols, maps and procedures are printer friendly and can be accessed through the support materials section.

Students should incorporate the web reources linked below to enhance this lesson. The videos can be accessed either through streaming video, ordering a VHS copy (Passport to Weather only), or by phoning 973-656-9403. WeatherBug has a free, downloadable weather reporting service. Students can view current conditions, forecasts, radar, live weather cameras, etc.


Online Learning Service- Passport to Weather


Weather Symbols
Weather Maps


Teachers should familiarize themselves with the available resources and print copies of weather map symbols and blank weather maps. Students should view and also become familiar with available resources.

Students may then practice forecasting weather for different locations at the teachers discretion. Teachers may want students to attempt weather predictions on the printable weather maps over varying lenghts of time. These can then be checked for accuracy through source weather reports such as Weatherbug, television, and local newspapers.

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