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Writing with Beans


English Language Arts (NYS P-12 Common Core)

Grade Levels

Elementary, Pre-Kindergarten


After the project is dry, the child will be able to read the word.


BPS Prekindergarten Curriculum Committee


10-15 minutes

Essential Question

What words can I write?

Additional Notes

You can "color" the beans by putting them in undiluted liquid Tempera paint. Spread the wet beans on a foil covered tray to dry.


Using navy beans, you can spell different words. The teacher preprints the words on tag board with the corresponding picture - for example, spell the word apple and glue a picture of an apple. Using liquid Elmer's glue, go over the letters of the preprinted letters on the card. The child places the beans on top of the glue to form the letters. You can use color words, children's names, simple objects, or any word related to the theme you are working on.

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