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Our Story

When the New York State Learning Standards were introduced in 1997, they were not easily accessible. Educators from across the state wrestled with bulky binders, printer paper, and highlighters, trying desperately to search and sort the learning standards they needed to target.

As a solution, a handful of experienced educators from the University at Buffalo envisioned a better future for standards-based education: a single, web-based location where users could access and organize learning standards with ease. It was at that point that NYLearns was born.

3rd Learning was born in 2007 but the project was incubated at UB in the late 90s / early 2000s. The team successfully designed and developed the first online curriculum management and standards-based system for educators: NYLearns. Specially engineered to accommodate the various needs of administrators, teachers, and IT professionals in education, NYLearns succeeded in making standards-based teaching more meaningful and manageable.

Today, NYLearns has expanded to include educational tools and resources that link directly to NYS Standards and the Common Core, simplifying curriculum management for educators all over New York State. Simply put, NYLearns empowers educators like never before.

About PLS 3rd Learning

The NYLearns project is powered and supported by PLS 3rd Learning, an innovative organization dedicated to improving teaching and learning in K-12 schools on national and international levels. Our unique blend of educators, software developers, and web and instructional designers are dedicated to our core mission in supporting education. To learn more about our team’s various initiatives and projects, please visit PLS3rdLearning.com

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