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  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
              • May Include - ESL.E.2-
                Forms such as friendly notes, invitations, electronic messages, diary entries, and notes to self.
              • May Include - ESL.E.2-
                Audiences such as peers, classes, teachers, and other adults.
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.E.2-
              Students request and provide information and assistance, orally and in writing, for personal, social, and academic purposes.
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.E.2-
              Students listen attentively and take turns speaking when engaged in pair, group, or full-class discussions on personal, social, and academic topics.
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.E.2-
              Students explain actions, choices, and decisions in social and academic situations.
              • May Include - ESL.E.2-
                Strategies such as indicating lack of understanding, clarifying or requesting clarification, restatement, and checking listeners' understanding.
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.E.2-
              Students follow oral and written directions to participate in classroom and social activities.
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.E.2-
              Students negotiate and manage interactions to accomplish social and classroom tasks.
              • May Include - ESL.E.2-
                Expressions and routines such as asking permission, making and responding to requests, greeting, making promises, thanking, and apologizing. Such situations include chatting with friends, participating in group discussions, greeting a principal or other adult, and making purchases.
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.E.2-
              Students demonstrate appropriate classroom behaviors (e.g., participating in small group and whole class discussions, being courteous, respecting the person and property of others).
            • Performance Indicator - ESL.E.2-
              Students discover alternative ways of saying things in social and classroom interactions.
              • May Include - ESL.E.2-
                Strategies such as asking questions, starting over, rephrasing, and exploring alternative ways of saying things.
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