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Students will

  1. Apply decision-making and problem-solving processes that affect groups or work procedures:
    1. Identify and isolate components of the problem
    2. Identify multiple alternatives for making a decisions
    3. Define consequences in terms of time, costs, outcomes
    4. Determine rationale for decision made
    5. Evaluate the decisions made and consider future applications
  2. Assimilate a variety of information and draw conclusions.
  3. Extract rules or principles from a set of objects or written text.
  4. Interpret and apply technical material.
  5. Determine conclusions when given a set of facts.
  6. Apply rules and/or principles to a new situation.
  7. Apply past knowledge about rules and/or principles to solve everyday problems.
  8. Prepare flowcharts, drawings that include dimensions and specifications, recipes, etc. from narrative descriptions.
  9. Create original applications or solutions.
  10. Initiate thought-provoking ideas to others.

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